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In early 2020 the Behavior Analysis Certification Board announced they would no longer be supporting the certification outside the USA and Canada. You can read more about this decision here.

This decision opened up a range of challenges and opportunities for Applied Behaviour Analysis in New Zealand. NZABA formed a working group to develop solutions to these issues. As of December 2020 this group is titled the NZABA Professional Practice Group.

This group submitted an application to the BACB to retain BCBA certification in New Zealand. In August 2020, the BACB notified us that this application had been declined.

At the business meeting at NZABA 2020, we decided that the working group would continue to operate in the medium term to look into options for supporting high quality applied behaviour analytic practice in New Zealand. This would include considering whether NZ would be best supported in the long term by a separate organisation working on ABA issues, or whether NZABA should continue to lead this work.

Current Committee Members

Angelika Anderson, PhD | Waikato University
Angela Arnold-Saritepe, PhD | Auckland University
Victoria Burney, BCBA, NZ Registered Psychologist | ABI Rehabilitation
Amarie Carnett, PhD |Victoria University of Wellington
Margaret Crawford, Ph.D Student | Waikato University
Anne Macaskill, PhD | Victoria University of Wellington
Joshua McAninch |
Eric Messick| Behaviour NZ
Sehar Moughal |
Monica Munro, BCBA, NZ registered psychologist. | A Supported Life. 
Katrina Phillips, PhD | Auckland University


We will add resources to this area as they become available.

Some things to consider to understand how ABA fits (and does not fit) in NZ
Eric Messick

Sampling of Padlet brainstorms from NZABA 2020 symposium

What concerns do you have for service provision in NZ?
Who do you believe, as a profession, our stakeholders are?
What benefits/barriers have you found as a result of your BCBA?
What benefits/barriers have you found as a result of your general psych scope?

What do you believe the pros and cos of moving towards a NZ version of a behaviour analytic credential are?

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